EAST WEST PSYCHOTHERAPY & COUNSELLING - for East Devon, West Dorset & South Somerset - by Skype, FaceTime & Phone Worldwide

Online & In Person Counselling and Psychotherapy

We provide Psychotherapy & Counselling by Skype, FaceTime, Signal & Phone for anywhere in the world including: the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore & Hong Kong.

Michael Friedrich provides open air, walking psychotherapy and counselling. This is usually along the beach or in the bird sanctuary locally in Seaton, Devon. Walking in a natural environment is a relaxing and healthy way of engaging in psychotherapy and counselling.

We are counsellors and psychotherapists and, because we have also worked extensively in the NHS as Chartered Psychologists, we are pragmatic in our approach. We consider that the central task of the Counsellor or Psychotherapist is to provide a safe space to assist the client in approaching an understanding of who they authentically are.

As part of this healing process, clients usually start therapy troubled by a specific difficulty such as: Relationship issues, Emotional difficulties related to: depression, sadness, anxiety, stress or emotional literacy, Adoption issues, Loss & bereavement, Trauma - past or recent, Abuse - emotionally, sexually or as the result of physical violence, Separation & divorce, Sexual problems, Pornography addiction, Low self esteem, Child of an alcoholic parent, Life transitions such as: the empty nest & retirement, Highly sensitive people and Processes of ageing. We can help you to address these issues using counselling and psychotherapy.

Please call us to have a free preliminary discussion to explore whether we can provide a suitable service for your needs.